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Bridging the Gap

Reducing Gender Bias in the Workplace


Bridging the Gap - Reducing Gender Bias in the Workplace is an overview of the current state of gender bias in the workforce with a personal twist. McGroarty outlines the biases we have unconsciously, those we impart on others and how the pandemic shaped the way we view women in the workforce. By outlining what women face both at home and at work, McGroarty lays a path for how to reduce gender bias whether you are an executive professional or looking to further your understanding of this important topic.

Release Date

June 2022



What a valuable and necessary book this is! Presenting the unvarnished truths about gender bias and inequity in the workplace, McGroarty draws from her own experiences to help make these uncomfortable and damaging realities solidified for readers. She gives the background on the topics, while also mentioning present-day factors that have an impact like the COVID-19 pandemic.

But what sets the book apart is the way she offers solutions and changes that companies, employers, and employees can apply to promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Along the way, she shows how such change will benefit all—men and women alike. She even goes further to show the impact of awareness and change in the home.

For anyone, working today, this is a must-read piece of work.

I really appreciate what McGroarty has accomplished in this text. As a woman who had to move to working remote and has continued working remote since early 2020, it has been a hurricane of a time. In the same stroke, however, there is implicit bias in everything we do. I know I am guilty of judgment because I judged myself- and still do- for continuing to work from home. It is baffling how people are taught to view one another and themselves. I hope more people read this text and understand, truly, what it is to see value in ourselves and other women within the workforce.

I think it is one of those books that despite being short, has value and a very important message, which should be read.
At present as we know there are still a lot of gender inequality and sexism, regardless of the country.
I think that many women have experienced injustices at some time by the opposite sex, there are unfair salaries many times we have been denied opportunities for the simple fact of being women, this book is a remember to always make you listen and fight for your dreams, that nobody ever makes you feel less for being a woman.

The book reminds us of something we should not forget, and it is how women are those who help support society, how they are indispensable in the workplace, it talks about how women can also be in charge of a company, and there should be more opportunities to let them shine and demonstrate their capabilities.
Also, we will read about the reality that many women went through the pandemic, how many were trapped with their abusers, how many lost their jobs.
I think it is an inspiring book that everyone should read at once in their life. Through examples, statistics and important data I have learned a more about gender equality, as the author comments in the book, her objective is to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. And no doubt through the pages it has contributed to make the change that is needed.
And as the author mentioned at some time in the book, what should be done is to fix the system, not the women.

This was an excellent read, suitable for everyone. McGroarty has a background (provided in her intro) with elements that are familiar to those who grew up in middle-class America: happy times, sad times, all the usual adversities and conflicts children go through in school, including experience with physical and verbal abuse. Additionally, the corporate experiences she outlined, both her own and other examples provided, resounded strongly and painfully with my own corporate career. She has a solid understanding of the problems we women face in many types of workplaces, including comparative data on POCs. She has even dedicated an entire chapter to Imposter Syndrome!

The solutions she provides are solid, backed up with excellent research (which is also perfect for additional reading material). They are actionable in the workplace and at home, making changes as parents so that gender equity can become a reality in future generations. The plans she outlines for the workplace are easily actionable. For some businesses, it could mean a major overhaul, for others it might be some tweaking in existing human resources data tracking.

Bridging the Gap is everything you could want in a book about addressing gender bias at work and in the home. The author shares her personal history, which sets up the rest of her work well by providing a connection between her and the reader. I really felt for her family background and the place she's in now. She then describes how gender bias is something men need to be a part of changing and notes the ideas that women bring to the table which contribute to the gender gap occurring. The key takeaway is we all play a part in this, and within that lies our power. It's time to harness it!

Her tone throughout the book is one of clarity and a real sense that we have the ability to change the tide on this issue. She doesn’t shy away from concrete solutions, which makes this read great for individuals and corporate/business leaders alike. I highly recommend it. There are lots of great information and resources in the back. And, you won’t walk away feeling like there’s no way out of this societal issue. I need a solvable problem in my life right now; there are so many things out of our control. THIS is a solvable problem.

I also especially like the notes she shares on imposter syndrome. It made me think about the way we frame this phenomenon, especially as women. I won’t give anything away, but the author has a really interesting perspective.

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