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Elusiveness of Equality


In "The Elusiveness of Equality," Diversity, Equity and Inclusion specialist, Alexandra McGroarty, addresses the pressing issue of gender equity in our world- specifically in sports and media. Moving beyond the binary division of men and women, she advocates for equity for all, including transgender, gender-fluid, and non-binary individuals. McGroarty explores the complex realm of gender politics, examining its impact on home life, social dynamics, entertainment, and the workplace. Through insightful analysis, she sheds light on the challenges faced by underrepresented genders, emphasizing the need to understand and unlearn traditional gender roles.

The book delves into the intertwined nature of gender and women's equity, recognizing the unique responsibility women have in advocating for gender equality. McGroarty emphasizes the importance of language and pronouns in shaping perceptions of gender and explores breaking free from societal expectations. The LGBTQ+ movement is thoroughly examined, covering historical backgrounds, media portrayals, and progress, while acknowledging the road ahead.

"The Elusiveness of Equality" guides readers on how to promote equality in their lives, supporting the LGBTQ+ movement, advocating for reproductive rights, and engaging with elected representatives. McGroarty, joined by influential voices in sports and media, demonstrates how actions and using our voices can challenge bias and broaden perspectives for equity for all.


Release Date

March 8, 2024

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“The Elusiveness of Equality” left me speechless; it is a book with such valuable information, the way in which the author explains the current problems of gender equality that are happening in modern society, is very clear and easy to understand. With a strong focus on dismantling traditional concepts and advocating for inclusion, delving into the challenges that women and people in the LGBTQ+ community often face.

-Daniela V

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